Fair Media=Fair Youth – Project FMFY

Creating spaces for designing and initiating joint initiatives on Media Literacy for EU Youths and inspiring organizations.

The main aim of our project is actually to meet together with organisations interested in the international development of youth workers related to media literacy and to create a space for designing joint initiatives. Concrete objectives include: –

To meet together successful and prospective organisations from both sides, working in different areas of media literacy: education, social services, youth work. –

To explore the concepts of media literacy and all the phenomenon which are affecting journalism and the world of news for young people 

To share the most used tools by young people online and how to deal with them to raise awareness of young users and also tools for youth workers on the topics of fake news, post-truth, troll and entropy who will act as multipliers with young people of their communities

To analyse the potential of organisations and territories where those organisations work and to discuss possible projects for cooperation inside the Erasmus Plus program and in the frames of other initiatives

To develop innovative activities on media literacy to be used in youth work at international level with young people – to create a network of youth workers who promote fair journalism among young people in Europe and facilitate dialogue among different actors of society to propose new policies.

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals

Action Type: KA105 – Youth mobility

Call Year: 2019

Start of Project : 01/01/2020

End of Project: 30/09/2020

Project outcome = Click here to download Report, policy statement