Project Gardens4All

The GARDENS4ALL project aims to promote the social inclusion of migrants and refugees in their host communities through community gardening. With this project, we intend to determine that community gardens are extremely important for the mental and physical regeneration of migrants and refugees, and that the implementation of these gardens can achieve an efficient reduction of health and security costs in urban communities and neighbourhoods.

The GARDENS4ALL project proposes a wide range of activities that will be implemented throughout the 24-month project lifecycle that will converge in a Community Gardening Training Course, In-Service Training Programme, Handbook of Therapeutical Gardening and Horticulture and Toolkit of Video Case Studies on Good Practices of Community Gardening.

The results of the project will include:

To encourage community gardening as an activity that boosts physical and mental health for migrants and refugees, to support the design and development of sustainable community gardens in their host communities, to strengthen community bonds and intercultural relationships, to better understand the connection of community gardens and social inclusion, to promote healthy behaviours, self-confidence and self-esteem of migrants and refugees, contribute to mental health promotion and awareness.